Here's what some of our members are saying about Women Who Really Cook...

“The Value of Membership to WWRC: 
I am excited to share why I feel a membership to WWRC is well worth the nominal fee. 

First and foremost are the connections to the women in the food industry.  From suppliers and vendors to top chefs in Minnesota.  The networking opportunities and the friendships will last a lifetime.  Sue Zelickson’s vision for connecting women in the food industry has set a high standard of giving, sharing ideas and resources, making working connections and supporting women in all aspects of the food industry business. 

Second, the membership roster, member E-news emails, and monthly meetings.  It is the trifecta for gaining visibility for your company, networking with others to make your business and events successful, and gaining insights from the most talented women in the industry.

Third, a sense of direction and belonging. You are not in this alone and you have others to bounce off ideas, and to learn and utilize the resources available to everyone in the industry. I have watched business women bring their dreams from concept to huge success stories.  Today, I purchase pies, cheesecakes, chocolates, and eat at their restaurants.  You will gain new customers just from the WWRC members.

Fourth, the SueZ Awards. The membership dues go toward scholarships for women going to school in the Food Industry.  From young women entering school after high-school to women of all ages and backgrounds entering the food industry and going back to school. The sense of giving and purpose beyond a membership. Supporting others and giving back to the community.

Last but not least, FRIENDSHIPS! I can name so many of the members that I consider my friends.

 I will continue to support WWRC and look forward to getting together with this fabulous group of women.” -- Lynnette Bailey, Roth Living

“I really enjoy being a member of WWRC because of the people I have met, the encouragement and inspiration I have received, and the continued opportunity to learn from and to support others. The sense of camaraderie and collaboration just keeps growing with each year I am a member.” -- Susan Denzer, The Red Plate - Culinary Consulting

“I really enjoyed belonging to WWRC because I learned so much about Twin Cities women who are interested in food, cooking, selling, writing about food, and sharing information by attending meetings. I would recommend WWRC to anyone interested in meeting other women with similar interests.” -- Mary-Clare Holst

I like WWRC a great deal because of the warm camaraderie among the members and the straightforward purpose--helping women in the food world.  Friendships result and careers are moved forward.  It is a welcoming, professional, and delightful group of women with similar interests and activities; yet very diverse.  I also enjoy the volunteer opportunities and activities presented and with that; learning about other businesses and gaining intriguing and wonderful new knowledge.  I heartily recommending the wonderful group called Women Who Really Cook! -- Barbara Sletten

I would highly recommend (and do!) WWRC. It is one of the most supportive and resourceful groups that I have been a part of...providing great networking, resource sharing, collaborations, and lasting friendships! -- Christine Hoffman, Foxglove Market & Studio

Becoming involved with Women Who Really Cook was a pretty smart move on my part! I had wanted to become fully engaged in the business of food, and was moving along but needed some connections and help in order to grow my small business. When I walked into the first meeting, January, 2014 I was warmly greeted and I did not feel like a stranger. Very quickly it became evident that the ladies in the room were all connected by the same thing: Food. I knew I was in the right place to learn, share and enjoy. 

As the meeting started and initial introductions were made by each person, my first impressions were confirmed. The superior level of talent, professionalism, knowledge, and a willingness to share all in one room was absolutely exhilarating! Caterers, sales reps, food entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and all related come together with a common purpose. To share, educate and encourage; to make the food world a better place. Where else could you find such a diverse gathering of talent in one casual place? 

A very special perk of membership is the offerings of potential job opportunities. As a very small event caterer and personal chef, several postings worked for me. I was able to connect with two wonderful members who use my talents, and the third opportunity led me to my fun job of a lifetime, a tour guide with the Twin Cities Food Tours! All are members of WWRC! 

But the absolute jewel in the crown of WWRC is the philanthropic good done by the group; the scholarship event and the honoring of members. Without the guidance and encouragement of founding member Sue Zelickson as well as the ladies who selflessly serve on the boards, none of this could have happen.

I get back far more than I give to this wonderful, talented and generous group. All professionals in their chosen fields. --Susan Sundahl

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