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  • October 19, 2020 9:16 PM | Sara Bloms (Administrator)

    Thank you to everyone you joined our first virtual panel discussion! We came together virtually to discuss how local MN food businesses are coping amid the new daily challenges related to the pandemic as the latest offering from Women Who Really Cook held on Tuesday, Oct. 13 from 7 to 8 p.m.

    The event was moderated by James Beard Award-winning food reporter and WWRC founder, Sue Zelickson, and panelists included Ann Ahmed, Owner and Executive Chef of Lat14 Asian Eatery and Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine; Sara Hayden, Owner of Sara's Tipsy Pies; and Stephanie Hansen, Podcaster, Radio Host, and Social Media Manager.

    The diverse group of industry experts shared thoughts on what they’ve been doing to survive and navigate the new normal as a result of the pandemic and where they see themselves and the industry going into 2021. The conversation was really insightful and gave us a glimpse into how the panelists are navigating this time, members' concerns, and how fast everything is moving in order to flex to the ever-changing safety requirements, patron safety concerns, weather, etc. 

    Co-directors of WWRC, Kelly and Sara, have already started discussing what we can do as an organization to move quickly and help facilitate member conversations in real-time. Expect to see updates on that within the next couple of weeks as we build that out.

    There were a few unanswered questions in the chat area that were to specific panelists that we will get answers to and shared out with all of you. As Stephanie said, we are all "doers" and often balance many things at once so we don't take lightly the time you all gave to us that night, especially the panelists. You rock!

  • November 20, 2019 3:08 PM | Shelagh Mullen (Administrator)

    WWRC Membership Meeting October 28, 2019 | @Muddypaws | Tami Cabrera, member

    First, my apologies for the late posting of the meeting notes. If you have any timely current events you need to share with the group, please post on the websites portal. If you need assistance with this, feel free to contact me at

    The October member meeting of Women Who Really Cook was held at Tami Cabrera’s Muddypaws Cheesecake bakery in St. Louis Park. Tami started her business with ten flavors, now she’s up to 222 flavors! Tami will be hosting her annual fundraiser to help local charities. This year she will be supporting Perspectives and a local pet shelter. There will be 5 bands and 25 local vendors (20% of purchased proceeds will go to these organizations). Please bring an unused toy or pet food, see her website for more details. 

    Some ideas for gifts (teens are hard to buys for!)

    • Sports memorabilia
    • Gift cards
    • Coats
    • Hoodies


    Loanne Mockler shared the next date for our monthly meeting is on November 21 (that’s tomorrow!) from 3-5:00 at Golden Fig Fine Foods on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. Please see the WWRC website for more details and to register (or cancel if that’s the case).

    NordicWare is looking for factory store workers. No evenings or Sundays. Contact Loanne for more info.

    Claire Enkolt has started a new business (Yolkd Eggs) creating wax-coated hard-boiled eggs. They infuse the eggs with fun flavors like Spicy Sriracha, Classic Surry or Simply Salted. Check out for more information. How eggciting! :)

    Mariola Minta has a wellness spa in Wayzata called Yantar. At Yantar they perform micro-derm technicians as well as nutritional therapy. Mariola is looking for a kitchen to produce her kombucha. Please contact her at 612-805-5074 with any info you could share.

    There’s a new chef in town! Antionette Pearson-Ettinger, has graduated from St. Paul Culinary College, congratulations. Here’s what she’s doing, she bakes for fundraisers. How fantastic is that!

    Julie Johnson came as a guest of mine (Shelagh). Julie is now a member, thanks Julie! Welcome to WWRC, glad you are here. Julie has just started an amazing salsa company called JJ’s RedHead Salsa. This stuff is smokin’ (because it IS smoked). Julie is looking for guidance scaling up as she tries to grow her business. 

    Jill Holter and Kelly McManus are in the process of rolling out there new online business concept Food Makers Academy. Helping makers grow their food business from concept to success. Way to go ladies! Here’s more info

    Smart and snappy writer, Julie Kendrick has a few fun articles. In the Costco Connection she interviewed the grandson of Irma Bombeck (origianal author) about the new Joy of Cooking cookbook. She also just published an article on Rose McGee and her sweet potato pies donations for Good Age Magazine Julie writes smart and snappy stories, and loves food!

    Rose McGee is looking for volunteers for her pie-making. Unfortunately, I do not have contact info for Rose. If you see Rose, please remind her to update her membership! :) We love Rose.

    Karen Smith from Healthy OilSeeds brought her friend Alicia who teaches culinary arts at Monticello Highschool. Alicia is looking for anyone able and willing to come and speak to her classes about their careers in food. Please contact Karen for Alicia’s info. 763-370-4143

    Sue Kakook from Kakookies is now selling her amazing cookies to LinkedIn and Twitter corporate offices. So fun Sue!

    Marty Glanville of Sunrise Flour Mill will soon be producing 4 pasta shapes from the new pasta extruder they purchased from Italy. Sounds delicious!

    Jessica Tijerina, a personal chef is now a brand ambassador for The United Noodle which just opened a new store in Woodbury. Jessica also teaches cooking classes at The Abundant Kitchen and NordicWare. She shared with us that Becki Melvie the owner of Abundant Kitchen has opened another store in Excelsior, check it out!

    Nikkolette Krumheuer from Nikkolette’s Macarons has opened a new shop at 169 north of 55. She is also opening a production kitchen for makers, available to rent. Contact Nikkolette directly. At 651-334-8821.

    Jesse Baker from Munkabeans Coffee in Hopkins will be part of Holiday in Hopkins Shop Small event on Saturday, November 30. Gingerbread house contest to ensue! Here’s a link to the Facebook page. 

    Our next WWRC cook meeting will be at member Laurie Crowell's Golden Fig Fine Food on Grand Ave. in St. Paul. Thursday, November 20, from 3-5, sign up here.

    Respectfully submitted by Shelagh Mullen - Marketing/Outreach/Social Media Director

  • October 08, 2019 9:27 PM | Shelagh Mullen (Administrator)

    WWRC Membership Meeting Notes

    Monday, September 23, 2019 | @Grand Fete, Hudson, WI | Linda Quinn, member
    The September member meeting of Women Who Really Cook was held at Kay Timm’s Grand Fete in historic downtown Hudson, WI. A mere half-hour drive from the Twin Cities on a gorgeous September afternoon. About 30 members met in Kay’s store and browse and had an opportunity to make some purchases (with a very generous 20% discount that day!) before heading going next door to JZ Wold Inspire Home (kitchen designers and cabinet makers) for the meeting.

    Sue Z. started the meeting with a few announcements and introduced the new chef at Kids Cafe, Paschell Wilson and her sous chef Donyelle Williams. Paschell is a self-taught chef, and all the food they make is from scratch. She has a master's degree working with populations at risk, she is a perfect fit for the cafe. Sous chef Donyelle is a graduate of Perspectives, talk about having a good perspective. They are always looking for volunteers in the kitchen. If interested and available to lend a hand, or making dinner with the kids as guest chef go to February is Cooking Around the World month at the cafe, they will be cooking meals from around the world, help out if you can.

    Julie Kendrick wrote a piece for HuffPost on WhirlyPop, the popcorn popper company out of Monon, Indiana, you can check it out here.

    Joy Sorich of Cup of Joy Tea has had success with at her pop-ups and is now serving her specially created tea recipes at Kieran's Kitchen in the Food Building, NE Mpls.

    Kathie Armstrong manufactures Kowalski’s private label bread mixes, she now has retail packaging for foodservice.

    Jody Lichtor, president of MN Women in Film & Television says they are expanding and combining with Fargo/Moorhead and Duluth MNWFT.

    The new owners of Bridgeman’s Ice Cream, Crystal and Meghan joined us. There is only one brick and mortar Bridgeman’s left, in Duluth. Welcome to WWRC!

    Becki Melvie from Abundant Kitchen is hosting a culinary trip to Ireland next spring. Find out more here. They are also expanding to Excelsior in early November. Good luck Becki.

    Lynette Bailey the Showroom Manager at Roth Distributing is looking for daytime demo chefs approx. 5 days a month. Contact Lynette

    LoAnn Mockler of Sidedish also managers the Nordic Ware Factory Store, they are looking for help days and weekends. Contact LoAnn if interested.

    Sue Kakuk of Kakookies has a new client…the Denver Broncos!

    There's still time to sign-up for Food & Ag Ideas tours and seminars as part of Twin Cities Start-Up Week, for more info check this out

    The next WWRC cook meeting will be at Tami Cabrera’s MuddyPaws Cheesecake in St. Louis Park. Monday, October 28 from 5-7:00, sign up here.

    Respectfully submitted by Shelagh Mullen - Marketing/Outreach/Social Media Director

  • September 14, 2019 8:54 AM | Shelagh Mullen (Administrator)

    Happy Birthday Sue!

    Let's all join Foodservice News to celebrate Sue Z. (we LOVE our Sue!) and The Charlie Awards Kick-off Party! Not that you need even more incentive to go, but your first beer it free!

    Monday, Septemer 16  | 3:30-6:30
    Finnegan's Brew Co. 817 5th Ave. S., Mpls

    For more info and to RSVP go to Foodservice News 
    or directly reserve your spot with Rachel at

  • August 08, 2019 4:30 PM | Shelagh Mullen (Administrator)

    WWRC Membership Meeting August 4, 2019 | @ Sunrise Flour Mill, North Branch, MN | Marty Glanville, member

    The August member meeting of Women Who Really Cook was held at Marty (and her husband Darrold) Glanville’s flour mill in North Branch, MN. Sunrise Flour Mill is about an hour drive north of the Twin Cities. Around 18 members met first at the new mill just outside the busy hub of the town. Marty and Darrold told us so much about flour and it’s harvesting and production processes, quite the education! We toured the mill, had some homemade cookies (made with their flour of course) and lemonade. We then had an opportunity to make flour purchases before heading to their home for the second part of the meeting.

    One of the biggest takeaways from the mill tour was learning about how most flour is grown in the United States. Hybridized into a shorter plant, that has a larger yield per acre, YET needs chemicals to survive, bad chemicals. Sunrise sources ONLY grains from heritage wheat, and they test regularly and randomly to ensure it is chemical free. You can truly taste the purity in every end result, or pizza as we were soon to find out!

    Upon arrival at the Glanvilles farm-like homestead, we were greeted by the smell of fire in the pizza oven. (Darrold had dashed off early from the first part of the meeting to heat the oven.) He was ready for us with 3 varieties of pizza blistering hot, straight from the oven. We sat in their bake ‘teaching house’ arranged with long tables, wine, and pizza! Absolutely delicious. 

    I think I can speak for everyone there, we were all grateful to Darrold for coming out of retirement to start this amazing company with Marty. Their heart and souls are clearly in their products. Women Who Really Cook is proud to have them as members and friends. Thank you for the lovely afternoon, Marty and Darrold!  

    see photos of the day below

    • Sue started the meeting with a few announcements. There is a new chef at Kids Cafe, she has things all cleaned up and ready for school to start. If interested in lending a hand, or making dinner with the kids as guest chef go to
    • Kierans Kitchen has opened. Some members have already stopped by and seemed pleased. 
    • Julie Kendricks is writing a piece for Growler magazine. She also informed us that Gyst Fermentation Bar has closed its doors. If you need to know how to dress a rabbit, those instructions will be IN the new Joy of Cooking edition coming out soon, but if you need skin a squirrel (as instructed in previous editions), just follow the same process as the rabbit.  :)
    • Tasya Kelen of Isadore Nut Company is holding a panel discussion along with other employers regarding inclusivity and employment on August 21st from 10-11:30 a.m., for more information and to register go to
    • Susan Johnson says Macy’s is testing Sally the Salad Robot in their Southdale test kitchen. To check out this video to watch this robot in action. You may soon be ordering a salad from a robot at an airport concourse near you.
    • The next WWRC cook meeting will be at Linda Quinns (of Cafe Latte and Bread & Chocolate) home in Hudson in September. Stay tuned for more details and remember to sign up as a courtesy to our hosts.
    Respectfully submitted by Shelagh Mullen | Marketing/Outreach/Social Media Director

  • January 27, 2019 2:05 PM | Anonymous

    We supercharged the start of our 2019 with January's Women Who Really Cook workshop meeting!

    On a still & chilly evening of January 23rd out in New Brighton, we walked into Dennis Becker's warm and well-lit photography studio for a Photography and Styling Workshop hosted by food photography stylist & WWRC member Lisa Golden Schroeder. Along with Photographer Dennis Becker, Lisa shared with and showed WWRC members how to compose and style great photographs at a variety of photo-shooting stations.

    We all had a chance to try taking photos in this commercial food photography studio as well. So, bring a camera of any kind and your product (if you have one).
    Lighting, reflection, props, shadows, angles, textures, shapes, and so much more were covered during our evening's guided tutorial! 

    For those interested in learning more from these industry experts, you can contact our host, Lisa Golden Schroeder's for more information:
    Phone #: 651-491-7442

    ALSO, a VERY SPECIAL thanks to Anne Andrus, owner of Honey and Rye, and her employee/guest, Kate Hovde Sharp, assisting her with the delicious assortment of goodies! 


    Top Tips from Lisa...

    • Always have a camera with you. I (Lisa) do own a very nice camera that can do all sorts of cool things—much of which mystifies me. But I do not always carry this camera with me. So once I started using my phone camera I found I could shoot all sorts of stuff I wanted to post and share. Ask any photographer what her favorite camera is, and she’ll tell you it’s the one she has with her!

    • Turn off the flash. I learned years ago from a wonderful food photographer that if I’m using a point-and-shoot camera (i.e. my phone), it’s important to turn off the flash. Make the most of whatever light is available and resist that burst of immediate light. A flash tends to flatten everything out, bathing your subject in an even and generally unflattering light.

    • Keep your hands steady. In low-light conditions even the slightest movement can throw off your focus. Brace your elbows against the table or counter to keep the camera steady. Or, I’ve seen friends use a water glass, if we’re in a restaurant, as an impromptu tripod.

    • Shoot food as it’s being prepared. I frequently find that the best point, or the most interesting details, in a food’s life is during the cooking process. Don’t get hung up on capturing the perfect plated shot. I’ve shot a roasting chicken while it was still in the oven!

    • Clean up a bit. Wipe glasses and plate edges, removing smudges and greasy fingerprints. In good light, they really stand out.

    • Work quickly. This is my best advice as a food stylist. I find that most dishes, whether in the process of cooking or plated at the table, are beautiful with little fussing. If you spend too much time setting up your shot, the less fresh the food will look. If you want a finished shot, take some time plating the recipe; carefully look at how the food works together in an artful and appetizing way. Just don’t take too long.

    • Get in close. Make the food your hero. If you shoot too wide, pulling in too much visual noise, a viewer won’t know what to look at. Find what pros call a “focal point”—what you want people to look at. If you use a camera’s macro setting you can bring parts of a shot into sharp focus and allow the background to go into soft focus, or what’s called a shallow depth of field.

    • Shoot a lot. Photos may look good on your camera’s tiny screen, but I’m often surprised when I see them larger on my computer. Focus can be way off, or the light may be too bright or too dark. So I click away when I find a subject I like—just don’t share them all on Instagram. Move around to find the best camera angle and learn to edit your work—creative cropping can also make a huge difference. Just remember that the single eye of the camera sees differently than your two eyes.

    • Filter for effect. I do like to play with filters that are available with photo apps or in Instagram—playing with color density or creating a vintage look can be fun if used judiciously.

    Top Tips from Dennis...

    • Keep compositions simple.

    • Look at food photography you like and try to emulate it. It’s a great way to learn lighting.

    • When using a window to light your food, position your subject with the window 3⁄4 from its back and side.

    • Use a white card to bounce a little light back into your subject if needed.

    • When using window light make sure no direct sun is coming in. Sometimes you can use sheer curtain fabric in front of the window to soften or diffuse the light.

    • Use plates that blend into background, making your food the star of the show, not the plate.

    • Shooting at a wide-open aperture will make your photo less busy and makes your food the focal point.

    • Experiment with different camera angles. Not all food looks good overhead or at extreme low angles—find the most appetizing viewpoint or the angle that gives the most information.

    • Design 101: don’t put square bars or brownies on square plates and don’t put cookies on round plates. Consider contrast in shapes & texture.

    • Try to compose in odd numbers. Three elements are much easier to compose than four.

    If you want to hire a professional photographer, look at their work! You want to collaborate with someone whose work you admire. An experienced commercial photographer will talk to you about your marketing objectives and who your target audience is, so the photos you create together will tell the right story. This is more than just creating pretty pictures.

    When asking for a bid or project estimate, share as much information as you can with the photographer and know that every bid is negotiable. If you have a specific budget (or amount you can afford to spend) share that up front; it will save a lot of time for both you and the photographer.

    Lisa, our host, along with Dennis, at his photography studio!

    One of Lisa & Dennis' most recent photography projects!

    Thank you Honey and Rye! Your goodies were amazing...thank you for your generosity, Anne!

  • August 07, 2018 6:21 PM | Anonymous

    The curiosity of knowing where our food is coming from has increased dramatically over the last decade. Also, knowing what our food is eating is just as important!

    On Sunday, July 15th, 14 of us Women Who Really Cook members drove down to Cannon Falls for a perfectly sunny day on a pastured turkey farm at Ferndale Market! This was such a wonderful time!

    We were treated to a tractor ride and guided tour of the farm by our host, Katie Peterson. Katie is the 3rd generation (including her brother John, also in attendance and our official tractor driver :-) of Ferndale's husband and wife founders, Fern & Dale Peterson!

    We saw a great deal of turkeys and a great deal of land for them to pasture on in a true-to-the-term, free-range life! These turkeys are also raised without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

    With the idea of John Peterson, in 2008, they opened a local foods grocery store on the farm to showcase other independent & nourishing food from the area. Ferndale Market partners with over 100 farmers and food producers that share their vision of distinct, delicious flavors. 

    At the end of the tour, we enjoyed a sampling of Ferndale's favorite turkey products and had a member meeting under a tented area outdoors and shared in-depth updates on what we were up to with our businesses and projects as well as guidance for questions that were posed!

    And, of course, we couldn't resist buying a number of curious, tasty, & delightful products in the market before making our drive back home!

    This was yet another memorable adventure that we were able to connect with together and look forward to our next meeting at Mill City Farmer's Market on Sat. Aug. 18th!
    Make sure to RSVP here: 

  • July 09, 2018 5:07 PM | Anonymous

    Changes have been taking place with the format of Women Who Really Cook membership and we're THRILLED to let you know that our 1st SERVICE MEETING was a gratifying success!

    If you haven't already heard, we're adding community service as well as focused education opportunities to our already established networking gatherings!

    For our June 21st meeting, 20 of us teamed up with community partner, MATTER, in St. Louis Park, and helped assemble & package meal snack packs. We also donated $500.00 to Matter to help cover the cost of the snacks.

    We were hosted by Karen Mankikowski and Jen Ware at MATTER and given a great meal to start off the meeting (food pics below)!

    We learned about their mission, were given a tour of their facilities, & then got to work in their warehouse area assembling meal snack packs that we got to then give to WWRC-partnered & Minneapolis-based organization, Urban Ventures!

    MATTER is a Minnesota-based nonprofit whose mission is to expand access to health, medical aid, & food to communities next door and around the world. Since 2000, MATTER has distributed over $600 million in resources around the globe. The MATTERbox Concept is simple: a box of healthy, shelf-stable meals and nutrition education, helping people take their first steps toward a healthier life. MATTERbox provides healthy meals, packed by individuals and corporate groups of volunteers who participate in the MATTERbox Challenge. MATTERbox works with community members on the front lines of food insecurity every day to distribute MATTERboxes to those who can benefit most.

    Website: https//
    Instagram: @matter_ngo

    Finally...make sure to RSVP for the July 15th private tour at Ferndale Market's Farm (where MANY of Minnesota's Thanksgiving tables are graced by Ferndale's pastured turkeys)!

  • June 01, 2018 1:14 PM | Anonymous

    The #1 statement of the night by WWRC members was "Wow. I had no idea. NO idea!"

    The Ronald McDonald House has been a household name for most, if not all, of our lives. Unless you've been blessed by their services and facilities in a time off need, or have volunteered there, you would find yourself saying what we all said as we toured the BIG-HEARTED Ronald McDonald House location at the U of M campus. We were all wonderfully impacted & inspired.

    This last meeting was on Wednesday, May 30th and hosted by WWRC member, Liz Norton, who is also the Marketing Strategist at RMH, and also greeted by CEO & President of this location, Jill Evenocheck. We were given the history and makings of The Ronald McDonald House & touched by meeting and seeing some of the children and their families who were receiving the love, care, housing, & meals that RMH provides.

    There were 18 WWRC members in attendance. We were split in 2 groups to tour the building. Very excited by the well thought-out rooms, touched by the freshly made meals, impressed by kitchenettes, wowed by the gymnasium & mini-cinema, and jealous of the workout facility! Knowing that such worn and weary souls who have to be away from home during times of their child's crisis or being the one going through it themselves, it truly gave our hearts big hugs to see such comforting away-from-home furnishings. It also encouraged us to contribute as members.

    Dinner was provided to us and we got to experience it from the same area that patients & families do! It was like being in someone's large kitchen of their home. Truly impressive!

    After dinner, we were a small enough group that we got to go around and share a little more in-depth of what we're up to in our professional lives, what our needs are, and a little brainstorming as inquiries came! A great time to get to know each other a little better.

    ***Many members expressed the desire to help &/or donate. As an added bonus, Liz let us know that for anyone who donates their products to Ronald McDonald House, they provide exposure of the brand on their social media (in addition to others at RMH seeing it)!

    Also, if you'd like to learn more about ways to engage with them, here is their website:
    Or if you'd like to specifically learn more about volunteering to cook in their Cooks for Kids (CFK) Meal Providers program, you can check out the information here:

    June's service meeting will take place at MatterBox in St. Louis Park. Date & time is getting confirmed and we'll get a post sent out soon!

  • March 31, 2018 10:36 AM | Anonymous
    We had another fantastic & productive Women Who Really Cook meeting at the Kowalski's Shoreview store on Tuesday, February 27th! 31 women represented and this may have been one of the most dynamically direct feedback meetings we've had!

    Kathie Armstrong graciously hosted & represented her own product that is private labeled under the Kowalski's brand. Kathie had a gorgeous spread of her baked goods out for all of us to enjoy!

    During the networking & member introductions, there was invaluable feedback & information exchanged for products & businesses plans. Multiple job announcements were given (stay tuned for additional posts by the respective owners)!

    This was the PERFECT example of a meeting where vulnerability meets empowerment! We learned in-depth information about many businesses & plans. You DON'T want to miss these priceless opportunities for growth individually & corporately!

    Hope to see you at our next meeting!

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