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June 2017 Meeting at Thousand Hills Cattle Company

June 23, 2017 10:47 AM | Anonymous

We spent a beautiful day up at the Thousand Hills Cattle Company's brand new headquarters in Clearwater, MN with 13 of our WWRC members. We were hosted by THCC owner Matt Maier; his wife, Renee Maier, and WWRC member, Becca Griffith.

We met outdoors and were given an introduction by Matt that explained the importance of grass-fed beef and its positive impact on the environment, soil, & our own health. We were also informed that there is an upcoming update to the name of the company from Thousand Hills Cattle Company to Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed. Matt also took us on a pasture tour to meet the cattle (& hear their response to his call - they KNOW his voice!).

After the pasture tour, we were treated to a wonderful buffet that featured numerous Thousand Hills products (including their newer sausage line, tenderloin steak, & ground beef). We were also treated to packages of the beef jerky. One other noteworthy feature to the buffet was that K'ul chocolate's new line was generously donated to us by Elena Kelsey (WWRC member) for dessert.

Since this was a casual number of attendees, it was a low-key format & formal announcements were not made.

NEXT WWRC meeting will be taking place at Urban Ventures (Mpls) on Tues, July 11th from 11am-1pm. 

Make sure to register well in advance as a kindness to our hosts (planning for guests & food)

Enjoying the new pastureland at Thousand Hills Cattle Company's new headquarters up in Clearwater, MN.

Matt Maier, owner of Thousand Hills Cattle Company, telling us about the benefits of 100% grass-fed cattle do for the soil, us, & the future!

Some of the cattle on our pasture walk!

Lunch time!

Getting to try out all of the Thousand Hills Sausage-line as well as tenderloin steak & ground beef (all 100% grass-fed)!

Also got to try out many of the new K'ul chocolate bars that were generously donated by fellow WWRC member, Elena Kelsey!

PERFECT day for a picnic!

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