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August WWRC Membership Mtg - Kids' Cafe @ Perspectives

August 23, 2017 12:24 PM | Anonymous

We had an incredible turnout & experience together at our August 15th WWRC meeting at Kids' Cafe    (in Perspectives) in St. Louis Park.

Approximately 50 in attendance, we enjoyed a spread of delicious food that was not only prepared the night before by the kids involved at Kids' Cafe (Charcuterie platter, sushi platter, seaweed salad, fresh vegetables & fruits, but also by WWRC members (Becky Frederickson brought her hummus & chips that she has made with the kids at Kids CafĂ© & Sue Zelickson brought her Lacey Sue Z cookies to top off the homemade ice cream that the children made for us!).

Jeannie Seeley-Smith, Head of Perspectives, and Christina Woodlee, Director of Donor Relations, shared their hearts & mission of Kids' Cafe at Perspectives.

Hosted & inspired by Sue Zelickson nearly 20 years ago, Kids Cafe is a nutritional and culinary program that provides evening dinners prepared by the students under the direction of Perspectives' full-time teaching chef, Chef Dan. This licensed commercial kitchen/dining classroom has grown into a 5 day/week, 12 month/year nutritional program. In 2016, 15,000 healthy snacks and meals were served to more than 110 homeless and at-risk families and children who participate in Perspectives' programs.

They are changing lives through not only organizational, relational, managerial, & culinary skills, but also providing much needed nutrition to nourish the next generation!

Also met a number of brand new members and hearing about what they're doing in the culinary world.

This meeting was a good example of what our other members can do to make a difference with the power of connection, community, & homegrown skills.

To learn more about Perspectives: http://www.perspectives-family.org/
To get involved with Kids' Cafe: http://www.perspectives-family.org/programs/#kids_connect

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