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October WWRC Membership Mtg at Restaurant Alma

October 21, 2017 10:21 AM | Rebecca Griffith
We spent an early afternoon on a PERFECT sunny fall weather day at Restaurant Alma on Monday, October 16th.

This was a packed out meeting of 40 & hosted in the private dining rooms toward the back of the restaurant.

Pastry Chef & WWRC Member, Annie Goldberg was the host and prepared a number of incredible pastries for us to sample from. We were able to ask about what it looks like in her world as a Pastry Chef & her role at Alma.

In small groups, Annie gave us the insider's look into Restaurant Alma's newest venture, hotel rooms (connected in the same building as the restaurant see pic of one room below). Annie also took us on a tour around the kitchen and dining spaces.

While on the tour, we saw the legendary owner of Restaurant Alma, Chef Alex Roberts, and asked him to come speak to our group. Graciously, he gave us the history of the building, Restaurant Alma, the hotel addition, and both Brasa locations. He gave us a generous Q&A session and truly displays hospitality, transparency, and kindness. We were all thrilled. 

We had ample amount of time to go around & introduce ourselves towards the end. 

It truly was a memorable experience that we were all left swooning over!

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