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November WWRC Member Mtg at The Lynhall

November 21, 2017 5:38 PM | Rebecca Griffith

We enjoyed one of our largest Women Who Really Cook meetings yet at The Lynhall in Uptown on a late afternoon on Tuesday, November 7th! 65 were in attendance!

Saying that this was a powerhouse meeting would be an understatement!

The Lynhall’s owner, Anne Spaeth; General Manager, Kristin Tyborski; Pastry Chef, Katie Elsing;, & Events Manager, Andrea Roy, opened up their gorgeously inviting make-yourself-at-home restaurant (& incubator kitchen, teaching/studio kitchen, private dining, meeting space and so much more) and spoiled us with an incredible array of food & hospitality!

We were treated to one of the most impressive charcuterie table & accompanying pastries we've ever had! Truly dazzling, beautiful, & delicious. We were also given a behind-the-scenes of all the areas within The Lynhall in smaller groups after the meeting. The Lynhall has offerings that are worth looking into for nearly any of our member’s businesses, so if you weren’t able to make it to this meeting, I highly recommend that you go in and check their space out yourself!

It was tremendously inspiring to hear Anne speak about the beginnings and vision for The Lynhall (including her interactions before hand with Sue Zelickson)!

Not only did we have a room packed full of WWRC members, but also enjoyed collaborating  with another women-based organization, Women in Film & Television (WIFT). Dual WWRC & WIFT member, Jody Lichtor, initiated the collaboration  & helped plan along with fellow WIFT member, Meighan McGuire, for this meeting to be filmed. WIFT filmerss were Lauren Beaubaire, Beth Peloff, & assistant Alanna Beaubaire. We are so excited to see the finished results!

ALSO, Women Who Really Cook is celebrating 24 YEARS as a professional women’s networking, supporting, & collaborating organization! Time to get ready to celebrate our 25th next year!

We will be taking December off so all of our members can concentrate on their business during the busy holiday season.

We’ll be kicking off 2018 with our meeting at Gardens of Salonica in Northeast Minneapolis on Thursday, January 4th from 6-8pm. Waiting lists have become the trend with our meetings this season so sign-up EARLY when the first official invitation is emailed out!

Happy Holidays everyone and hope we can see each other at many of the holiday markets and events in the area!

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