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May WWRC Member Mtg at Ronald McDonald House w/ Liz Norton

June 01, 2018 1:14 PM | Anonymous

The #1 statement of the night by WWRC members was "Wow. I had no idea. NO idea!"

The Ronald McDonald House has been a household name for most, if not all, of our lives. Unless you've been blessed by their services and facilities in a time off need, or have volunteered there, you would find yourself saying what we all said as we toured the BIG-HEARTED Ronald McDonald House location at the U of M campus. We were all wonderfully impacted & inspired.

This last meeting was on Wednesday, May 30th and hosted by WWRC member, Liz Norton, who is also the Marketing Strategist at RMH, and also greeted by CEO & President of this location, Jill Evenocheck. We were given the history and makings of The Ronald McDonald House & touched by meeting and seeing some of the children and their families who were receiving the love, care, housing, & meals that RMH provides.

There were 18 WWRC members in attendance. We were split in 2 groups to tour the building. Very excited by the well thought-out rooms, touched by the freshly made meals, impressed by kitchenettes, wowed by the gymnasium & mini-cinema, and jealous of the workout facility! Knowing that such worn and weary souls who have to be away from home during times of their child's crisis or being the one going through it themselves, it truly gave our hearts big hugs to see such comforting away-from-home furnishings. It also encouraged us to contribute as members.

Dinner was provided to us and we got to experience it from the same area that patients & families do! It was like being in someone's large kitchen of their home. Truly impressive!

After dinner, we were a small enough group that we got to go around and share a little more in-depth of what we're up to in our professional lives, what our needs are, and a little brainstorming as inquiries came! A great time to get to know each other a little better.

***Many members expressed the desire to help &/or donate. As an added bonus, Liz let us know that for anyone who donates their products to Ronald McDonald House, they provide exposure of the brand on their social media (in addition to others at RMH seeing it)!

Also, if you'd like to learn more about ways to engage with them, here is their website: www.rmhtwincities.org
Or if you'd like to specifically learn more about volunteering to cook in their Cooks for Kids (CFK) Meal Providers program, you can check out the information here: https://www.rmhtwincities.org/volunteer/CFK

June's service meeting will take place at MatterBox in St. Louis Park. Date & time is getting confirmed and we'll get a post sent out soon!


  • June 05, 2018 3:30 PM | Elizabeth Norton
    Thanks to all WWRC members who attended the May meeting at RMH-Oak Street last week. It was an honor to have you here. As Rebecca noted in her post, we WELCOME your interest and involvement in the House, especially the very fun Cooks for Kids meal program! We serve dinner every night and brunch on weekends at all 4 of our Twin Cities sites. I am happy to help you choose a date or location and get registered...email me at enorton@rmhtwincities.org or call me at 612-767-2783. Thanks, ladies!
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