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July WWRC Mtg at Ferndale Market in Cannon Falls

August 07, 2018 6:21 PM | Anonymous

The curiosity of knowing where our food is coming from has increased dramatically over the last decade. Also, knowing what our food is eating is just as important!

On Sunday, July 15th, 14 of us Women Who Really Cook members drove down to Cannon Falls for a perfectly sunny day on a pastured turkey farm at Ferndale Market! This was such a wonderful time!

We were treated to a tractor ride and guided tour of the farm by our host, Katie Peterson. Katie is the 3rd generation (including her brother John, also in attendance and our official tractor driver :-) of Ferndale's husband and wife founders, Fern & Dale Peterson!

We saw a great deal of turkeys and a great deal of land for them to pasture on in a true-to-the-term, free-range life! These turkeys are also raised without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

With the idea of John Peterson, in 2008, they opened a local foods grocery store on the farm to showcase other independent & nourishing food from the area. Ferndale Market partners with over 100 farmers and food producers that share their vision of distinct, delicious flavors. 

At the end of the tour, we enjoyed a sampling of Ferndale's favorite turkey products and had a member meeting under a tented area outdoors and shared in-depth updates on what we were up to with our businesses and projects as well as guidance for questions that were posed!

And, of course, we couldn't resist buying a number of curious, tasty, & delightful products in the market before making our drive back home!

This was yet another memorable adventure that we were able to connect with together and look forward to our next meeting at Mill City Farmer's Market on Sat. Aug. 18th!
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