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August WWRC Meeting in North Branch, MN

August 08, 2019 4:30 PM | Shelagh Mullen (Administrator)

WWRC Membership Meeting August 4, 2019 | @ Sunrise Flour Mill, North Branch, MN | Marty Glanville, member

The August member meeting of Women Who Really Cook was held at Marty (and her husband Darrold) Glanville’s flour mill in North Branch, MN. Sunrise Flour Mill is about an hour drive north of the Twin Cities. Around 18 members met first at the new mill just outside the busy hub of the town. Marty and Darrold told us so much about flour and it’s harvesting and production processes, quite the education! We toured the mill, had some homemade cookies (made with their flour of course) and lemonade. We then had an opportunity to make flour purchases before heading to their home for the second part of the meeting.

One of the biggest takeaways from the mill tour was learning about how most flour is grown in the United States. Hybridized into a shorter plant, that has a larger yield per acre, YET needs chemicals to survive, bad chemicals. Sunrise sources ONLY grains from heritage wheat, and they test regularly and randomly to ensure it is chemical free. You can truly taste the purity in every end result, or pizza as we were soon to find out!

Upon arrival at the Glanvilles farm-like homestead, we were greeted by the smell of fire in the pizza oven. (Darrold had dashed off early from the first part of the meeting to heat the oven.) He was ready for us with 3 varieties of pizza blistering hot, straight from the oven. We sat in their bake ‘teaching house’ arranged with long tables, wine, and pizza! Absolutely delicious. 

I think I can speak for everyone there, we were all grateful to Darrold for coming out of retirement to start this amazing company with Marty. Their heart and souls are clearly in their products. Women Who Really Cook is proud to have them as members and friends. Thank you for the lovely afternoon, Marty and Darrold!  

see photos of the day below

  • Sue started the meeting with a few announcements. There is a new chef at Kids Cafe, she has things all cleaned up and ready for school to start. If interested in lending a hand, or making dinner with the kids as guest chef go to perspectives-family.org/contact-us.
  • Kierans Kitchen has opened. Some members have already stopped by and seemed pleased. 
  • Julie Kendricks is writing a piece for Growler magazine. She also informed us that Gyst Fermentation Bar has closed its doors. If you need to know how to dress a rabbit, those instructions will be IN the new Joy of Cooking edition coming out soon, but if you need skin a squirrel (as instructed in previous editions), just follow the same process as the rabbit.  :)
  • Tasya Kelen of Isadore Nut Company is holding a panel discussion along with other employers regarding inclusivity and employment on August 21st from 10-11:30 a.m., for more information and to register go to inclusivenetworking.com
  • Susan Johnson says Macy’s is testing Sally the Salad Robot in their Southdale test kitchen. To check out this video to watch this robot in action. You may soon be ordering a salad from a robot at an airport concourse near you.
  • The next WWRC cook meeting will be at Linda Quinns (of Cafe Latte and Bread & Chocolate) home in Hudson in September. Stay tuned for more details and remember to sign up as a courtesy to our hosts.
Respectfully submitted by Shelagh Mullen | Marketing/Outreach/Social Media Director

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